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Whatever your business area

Whatever your function

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By business area

Kozalys' interactive reports and dashboards are aimed at all business areas (cfr. Clients) :

  • Banking : retail, private, investment funds

  • Insurance : life, non-life

  • Public sector 

  • Industry

  • Transport

  • Retail

  • ...

Business segments share many KPI's (turnover, cash flow, top clients, staff costs); each industry then measures specific indicators (delivery times, population growth, financial flows, etc.)

The rules for calculating KPI's may vary by sector or company, and according to the structure of the available data.

The methodology for creating a dashboard is similar: functional analysis, research of available data, architecture and development, training.

By function

Any function of the company measures its performance against measurable objectives over time:

  • Board of Directors

  • Accounting

  • Logistics

  • Human Resources

  • Administrative and Financial control

  • Marketing

  • ...

Functions are interdependent. Ex: a customer is measured in turnover, margin, number of calls to the support service. Many KPI's cross data from several sources: billing, helpdesk, purchase price.

New generation dashboards easily cross data from different applications.

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