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Kozalys builds your reports and dashboards, customized or ready-to-use.

The solution that suits you

Customized dashboards

Kozalys' interactive reports and dashboards cover a wide range of businesses and functions:

  • Banking : retail, private, investment funds

  • Insurance : life, non-life

  • Public sector 

  • Industry

  • Transport

  • Retail

  • ...

tableaux de bord sur mesure
tableau de bord, dashboard, prêt à l'emploi, sur mesure

La solution qui vous correspond

Ready-to-use dashboards

Kozakys' ready-to-use dashboards, Kozalys myapps, are installed in a few hours and cover several areas :

  • MyDashboard for BOB 50 and other accounting software

  • MyWeb : web analytics inclusing Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp, LinkedIn...

  • MyHR 

  • MyFunds

myapps, prêt à l'emploi
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