Ready-to-use reports and dashboards.

Kozalys mydashboard, tableau de bord, dashboard Sage BOB 50, Winbooks, Book-in, Popsy
kozalys myweb, tableau de bord, dashboard, statistiques web, google analytics, adwords, facebook, twitter, linkedin, mailchimp, surveymonkey
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MyDashboard : from accounting to management

MyDashboard for BOB 50 turns your accounting data into an interactive Management Dashboard. Your accounting data become true performance indicators (KPIs).

Kozalys mydashboard, tableau de bord, dashboard Sage BOB 50, Winbooks, Book-in, Popsy

MyDashboard for BOB 50 is for companies, and fiduciaries wanting to offer new services to their customers.

To manage his company, the CEO has now accurate and detailed KPI's. Much more than  the traditional P&L and Balance sheet which are static and poor decision making tools.

KPI's - Top customers/suppliers across time, profitability and cost ratio's, late payments, cash flow, cash positions, ...

Interactivity -  aggregated and detailed figures, per entity, hierarchy of accounts, department or cost center, customers, suppliers, …

Combine with your other data (ERP, CRM, production, purchasing, stock management). Perform cross analysis and data reconciliation.

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MyWeb : my web analytics

MyWeb centralizes statistics of your web sites (Google Analytics), Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Forget multiples Excel exports. MyWeb is a standard and customizable application, connected online to your digital media.

With scheduled data refreshes, MyWeb is installed on premise or in the cloud


With MyWeb, you have better information and more time to Analyze ... and Decide.

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MyHR : my human resources

MyHR is a comprehensive and secured dashboard for all human resources related KPI's, whatever the size of your company.

Security of MyHR is synchronized with you enterprise security rules. It insures data segmentation; a user or manager visualizes only data he has rights to access.

MyHR includes predefined KPI's and can be enriched with new measures and additional data. Examples :

  • staffing per site/department/nationality/grade and combined

  • absenteeism, recruitment, departures

  • training per employee/service/domain

  • gender equality, salaries

MyHR is GDPR compliant.

Interacticve analysis multiplies the combined filters and answers to all questions, even those never asked before.

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MyFunds : performance & risk

​In an interactive dashboard, MyFunds generates investment fund performance and risk KPI's

  • consolidation of heterogeneous data sources

  • detailed and non lineary exploration of data related to fund risks

  • VaR, Stress Test, volatility, deviation, correlation, beta

  • fast response to unplanned regulatory requests

  • drastic time reduction to produce reports

  • analysis of intra day cash analysis and impact on assets

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