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What is Business Intelligence?

Avant la Business Intelligence (BI)


Avec une solution de Business Intelligence (BI)


Business Intelligence: new generation

Business Intelligence (BI) collects and combines operational/transactional data, and renders them to business users through intuitive and interactive decisional reports and dashboards.


The implementation of a BI solution includes 5 steps:

  1. definition of business needs in terms of reports and data analysis

  2. operational data collection

  3. optional: aggregation of data within a data warehouse (or Datawarehouse)

  4. creation of reports and dashboards (KPI's / graphs / tables / filters, drills)

  5. sharing and publishing

BI Traditionnelle VS BI Moderne

Traditional Business Intelligence classique is built around a datawarehouse, which homogenizes, aggregates, and historizes data. Cubes complete this approach to pre-calculate measurements and cross over several dimensions.

Traditional BI offers a more sustainable foundation and is independent of the reporting layer. Yest, its implementation is long and changes are not agile.

New Generation Business Intelligence imports data directly from sources and performs all transformations on the fly. High-performance, interactive dashboards provide the user with an immediate aggregated and detailed view.

BI 'new generation' produces the first reports in a matter of days. It gives the business user unparalleled self-service flexibility.

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