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Who are we ? 

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Kozalys is specialized in consultancy and implementation of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics solutions: reports and interactive management dashboards. 

Companies consolidate their data from several sources (finance, sales, HR, support, logistics); and implement performance indicators (KPI's) to measure, analyze and decide more quickly and efficiently.

The name Kozalys refers to the cause of any event, and the analysis of the facts to help business managers make quick, correct decisions.


Our customers are of all sizes and belong to multiple business sectors.  

Kozalys helps companies to leverage their data in 3 steps.

Our solutions rely on leading BI software.

Our values

Three key values shape the quality of our services:

  • innovation for providing breakthrough solutions

  • trust-based, long-term, and reliable relation with our clients and partners

  • performance from setting up projects to final deliverables

These 3 values guide our teams in approaching your business, in leveraging technology, and in the relationships with our customers and partners.

Luxembourg, Brussels, Paris

Kozalys belongs to the Fuzyo network.

Many projects, beyond BI, are carried out with our trusted partners. Java professionals, .Net experts, Architects, and Project Managers extend our expertise to deliver 360° projects.

An added value for our clients, pride and fulfillment for our employees.

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